Grain complex with dryer LAW


Primary grain processing is necessary after timely harvesting for its long-term preservation. Harvesters are engaged in harvests. After the harvesters, the grain should be pre-cleaned of small and large impurities, dried to 14% moisture and less depending on the crop and then sent to a special ventilated silo for long-term storage. A lot of work is invested in raising the harvest, and in order for this work not to be wasted, it is necessary to seriously approach the issue of its preservation.

The whole complex of primary grain processing is selected according to productivity, quantity of crop and assortment of crops.

Our specialization is the organization of the correct grain logistics beginning with weighing, uninterrupted reception, proper primary cleaning, high-quality economic drying, ending with ensuring the storage of the finished product taking into account the peculiarities of the Baltic climate and depending on your needs.

Reasonably organized and thoughtful work of each stage, and the whole complex is the result of cooperation of high-qualified AGRO PROFF engineers with carefully selected and verified partners who are leaders of the grain processing market with many years of world practical experience.