Cleaning machines are designed for pre-cleaning the grain primarily before drying. A large admixture (straw, stones, clods of earth, etc.), fine fraction (sand, weed, broken grains, etc.) is taken from the grain by cleaning machines. Some models of cleaners are also equipped with aspirators to remove dust and light impurities.

Cleaning from coarse impurities occurs on screens with large holes (larger than grain). In our proposal there is a very wide range of sieves. The correct size of the screen is selected by our specialists together with the client. On such sieves, the grain wakes up through the holes, and the coarse fraction remains on the screen from above and is retracted.

Cleaning from fine impurities is performed on sieves with smaller holes (the size of the perforation is smaller than the grain size). During operation, the normal grain remains on top of the screen, and the fine impurity falls down through the holes.

Dust and light impurities in aspirators are removed by blowing a large amount of air through the grain flow. Then, dusty air passes through the cyclone or filter and is removed. After complete pre-cleaning, the grain can be safely fed into the dryer and then into the silo for storage.

AGRO PROFF company offers modern high-technology grain pre-cleaning machines MAROT, SCHNEIDER JAQUET, GOLFETTO-SANGATI and others.