Rotary-type cleaners MAROT are used for pre-cleaning, for fine cleaning, for the calibration of grains. Also available as an aspirator for dust removal.

The rotary cleaner consists of a body and a rotating drum. The drum consists of sieves of different perforation sizes. Depending on the task, the drum can have different diameters and the number of sieves from 1 to 5. The productivity can be from 5 to 400 tons per hour.

Due to continuous movement and lack of vibration, each grain or particle is easier to enter perforated holes. Cleaning of the screen takes place in the upper, grain-free part.

On a flat vibratory screen cleaner, the screen is caused to bounce off the grains and clog the sieve holes, which in time makes it difficult for the grain to pass through the holes. The cleaning of the sieves is carried out with brushes in a space filled with grain.

During operation, the rotary cleaner does not cause vibrations. Absence of vibrations reduces dynamic forces, which allows installing drum cleaners on any existing foundation or frame. For flat cleaners, a foundation of increased strength is often needed.

Variable tilt and rotational speed of the drum screen improves product flow, improves calibration accuracy, improves productivity, giving more control over the process. Rotary cleaners are ideal for cleaning wet grain.