Vibratory grain cleaners are compact high-tech machines in which it is possible to pre-clean the grain, accurately clean and sort. Grains are sorted in sieves in geometric shapes, and subsequently pass through an aspirator where the aerodynamic sorting takes place.

In the pre-cleaning mode, the screens are stacked on top of each other: on top is a large sieve, the bottom is shallow. Through the upper sieve, the grain wakes to the bottom, a large admixture remains on top of the first sieve (straw, lumps, pieces of soil, stones, etc.). On the lower screen there is a sifting of small impurities (sand, broken grains, ….). The pure grain remains on top of the sieve and is retracted along the inclined plane to the side.

In the precise cleaning and calibration mode, the number of screens can be doubled, tripled. This increases the productivity and the number of different fractions. Such cleaning allows you to select not only garbage, but also to divide the grains into small, normal and large ones. All sorting takes place according to the thickness of the grains.

Vibrating cleaners are also equipped with an aspirator, where the grain falls downstream, and the air is counter-flowed from the bottom up. Due to this, a light admixture, empty grains, bran are taken from the grain. Also, further dust-free transportation of grain is facilitated.