Belt conveyors consist of a frame with rollers, at the beginning and at the end of the conveyor there are drums, along which the multilayered rubber band moves. The product is transported evenly on the tape. Belt conveyors are used to transport both grain and heavier products (crushed stone, coal, cement, etc.). The width of the tape is selected according to the performance.

A ribbon with corrugations and ribs of different profiles can also be used for better adhesion to the product and avoiding slippage.

The main advantages of belt conveyors: low energy costs, gentle transportation of the product, the possibility of a long length of up to 200 meters or more, greater productivity up to 1000 t / h or more, the possibility of an oblique location.

Disadvantages: the need to protect against weather conditions in the case of outdoor installation, difficult repairs when the belt is broken, dusting during work, difficulties in the intermediate discharge.

If you need to transport the product over long distances carefully, having many loading points and one unloading point – the belt conveyor will be an ideal solution.