Pneumatic transport systems have found wide application in the milling industry, in systems for pumping grain and other bulk products.

In the pneumatic transport system, the product is transported by air through the pipe at a high speed up to 30 m / s or more. There are suction (vacuum) systems for suction from several points and a product release at one point and inflatable systems for transporting the product from one point and discharging into different ones. Pneumatic transport is convenient for transportation in close conditions with many turns to distant (more than 100m) distances.

The product is fed into the tube with air through a feeder and, in a mixture with air, “flies” to the point of unloading, where it is separated from the air through a cyclone-discharger or filter.

Pneumatic conveying systems are convenient, easy to install, but energy-intensive. To calculate the system, you need to know the vertical and horizontal length, the number of turns, the productivity, the speed of the product, its abrasiveness, and so on.

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