Intake pits are necessary for receiving grain from trucks, hopper wagons and other. They consist of a bunker and an upper horizontal grid. Under the hopper is a receiving conveyor, which transports grain from the bunker to the complex.

There are drive-over and walk-over pits, gratings that withstand the weight of the car and non-crossing, where a person can walk, and the car is unloaded without driving to the pit.

We offer pits of various modifications, both standard factory execution, and to order the required size.

Standard pits are usually 3 m wide, and 3 to 18 m long and more.

Non-standard pits can be up to 4 meters or more in width. They are manufactured locally from steel structures. The best way in this case is to make a supporting structure above the hopper and lay the welded grilles on top.

One of the main requirements for the pits are sloped structures without horizontal sections, so that the whole product passes down and does not stay on the grate. Also the question of aspiration of pits is actual.

AGRO PROFF will offer the best option for your conditions.