AGRO PROFF offers bucket elevators (noria) of various types and capacities.

The capacity of norias is offered from 5 to 1000 t / h or more. The height is 60 meters or more.

The standard noria has a loading hopper at the bottom, then the bucket belt rises at a speed of 2.3-2.9 meters per second. In the upper part, due to the centrifugal velocity, the product is ejected from the ladles into the flow pipe.

The pipes, shoe and head of the noria are made of galvanized sheet and are connected together by means of a bolted connection system. The noria can be additionally equipped with a platform and a ladder.

The noria tape consists of 6 – 10 layers, it can be oil resistant and in the ATEX version.

In the lower part of the boot of the noria there are 2 inspection hatches and 2 lateral latches, which will allow easy and quick cleaning of the shoe of the noria in case of its clogging with grain. Also on the boot of the noria there is a coupling bolt made of galvanized steel, which allows to regulate the degree of tension of the belt of the noria at different times of the year. The drum of the lower shoe of the noria is an open structure that does not allow the transported grain to penetrate inside and cause the run of the noria tape to come off the drum.

We also offer norias with a rounded self-cleaning bottom.

For seeds, cereals and other products where it is important not to break the product during transportation, slow-speed noria is used with a speed of 0.6-1.8 m / s and with gravity discharge. Also there are Z-shaped low-speed norias.