Ideal for small and large farms and seed plants. Supplied fully assembled – will only have to make a light foundation of concrete or another foundation blocks, connect electricity and gas. All installation takes only a few days.

To change products intended for drying, you do not need to empty the dryer. Cereal batches can follow one another. There is no loss of time or energy.

Innovative continuous operation infrared leaves, seeds, tea and grass dryer is a novelty in the European market.

The unique multis-level conveyor type structure of this dryer ensures even and accurate performance, by drying various forms of plants, seeds, nuts, tea, coffee, grain and even such non-standard products as peat and cattle feed components.

Use of environmentally friendly electrical energy allows obtaining high quality, ecological end products. It is designed also for drying of BIO products.

During the drying process, infrared and UV radiation destroys the microbiological organisms living in the product, without usage of any chemicals.

Any moisture percentage is removed during the first drying run without losing any quality.  Automatically pre-set temperature maintenance and control.

Since no fuel is used in the drying process, it eliminates combustion risk and the dryer is 100% fireproof.

The SAHARA infrared plant dryer is delivered pre-assembled, thus reducing the time and costs required for assembly to a minimum.

Ability to configure four parameters for controlling the drying process:

  • conveyors speed,
  • thickness of the product layer,
  • drying temperature,
  • volume of air.