LAW SRI batch grain dryers with a volume of 11-50 cubic meters is an ideal solution for small farms. It is possible to dry small portions of grain, frequent changing of different crops, drying the grain in portions with breaks in a few days.

Compared to flow dryers, batch dryers do not require a multi-hour output for full drying mode. Therefore, in cases where it is necessary to quickly dry one or more portions of grain, such a dryer certainly has obvious advantages over the flow one.

Rapid and uniform drying is also facilitated by continuous mixing of the grain during the drying process.

Another important advantage of batch dryers is the lower price. Durability, efficiency and ease of use are unchanged.

All grain drying sections are made of ALUZINC steel with aluminum zinc coating, which increases the corrosion resistance by more than 5 times compared to galvanized steel.