The LAW SBC-E economy grain dryer is a modern system for drying grain, created at the advanced CFCAi plant. The development uses the century-old experience of the manufacturer and development of the best engineers, and based on the numerous feedback and wishes of more than 6,000 customers around the world.

Undoubtedly an excellent solution for medium and large farms that seek to provide speed, high quality, convenience and at the same time impressive fuel and energy savings, the cost of which increases from year to year.

The construction of the dryer allows you to save 20% or more of fuel and electricity.

This type of dryer has an accurately calculated aerodynamic characteristic in the separation of air flows, which makes it possible to efficiently recover hot air.

The economical LAW SBC-E dryer has a rich standard equipment, including full thermal insulation, dust dampers, a completely enclosed burner area, ladders and service areas, electronic control panel, a wide range of options, etc.

All grain dryers are made of ALUZINC steel with aluminum zinc coating, which increases the corrosion resistance by more than 5 times compared to galvanized steel.