Silos with a tapered base and frame are used for short storage of small volumes of a product intended for loading into a truck or vagon due to a raised frame above the road or rails. Widely used in all places of grain transshipment.

Silos are produced from corrugated steel with an innovative MAGNELIS coating with the addition of aluminum and magnesium, from the leading supplier of metal Arcelor Mittal. The frame is made of welded metal beams with subsequent painting or galvanizing. Silos are more than ideal for the Latvian maritime climate.

Volumes from 10 to 180 m3, diameter: 3,6m-4,5m. Square and rectangular bunkers. If necessary, non-standard calculation and production of silos according to the customer’s parameters is carried out. It is also proposed to select a cone angle of 45 ‘, 60’ and crooked for feed.

All calculations are made on the basis of the standard EUROCODE EN – 1991-4 and confirmed by the certificate of quality TS NE ISO 9001: 2008; DIN NE ISO 9001: 2008, CE