Bins of rectangular shape with a cone are used for short and long storage of bulk products. They have a modular construction and the most compact arrangement. The size of bins is from 1h1m to 4h4m. Different variants of cones and unloading systems. Quick installation.

Bunkers are made of steel with various strong coatings. The walls of the bunkers can be corrugated and straight, and also double “Sandwich” type. All corners are rounded. They are installed on a raised metal structure, and have the form of a finished building.

Volume of silos is from 5 to 1000 m3 and more, the sizes from 1х1 to 4х4м in any modifications. The possibility of adding additional bins in the future. If necessary, non-standard calculation and production of silos according to the customer’s parameters is carried out. It is also proposed to select a cone angle 45 ‘, 60’ and other discharge systems.

All calculations are made on the basis of standards (EN 1991, EN1993, EN1090) and are certified by the TS NE ISO 9001: 2008 quality certificate; DIN NE ISO 9001: 2008, CE.

We ask ourselves every day: how can we achieve more with less? TSC Silos has been manufacturing square steel silos for 20 years, day in day out. We help all our customers with customized solutions for the process storage of bulk goods in various industries all over the world. In everything that we do we combine the highest technical quality standards with a committed, smart, yet down-to-earth approach. Asking the crucial question over and over again. This produces guaranteed, proven solutions; we offer more for less.

The square or rectangular silo concept is characterized by an optimum storage capacity (+25% on the same ground surface) and flexible layout options. A clever, tailor-made design produces the best possible product discharge with maximum storage capacity. The modular construction offers you the possibility to make a seamless connection with the rest of your process. Also you can combine differently sized bins within one silo block. With a TSC silo you are investing in a safe, hygienic working environment. TSC Silos is 100% focused on the square silo concept, from sale and design to production and installation. We are able to handle projects from A to Z: from the steel support structure to the insulating cladding and from functional design up to and including fitting.