Industrial electronic scales are developed for high load and are characterized by high reliability of the construction, as they are intended for operation under harsh operating conditions. In most of them there are a number of definite functions that allow to fully automatize the process of measuring the mass of goods.

All electronic scales of industrial purpose can be classified on the basis of their use. The industrial scale is divided into wagon or rail scales, automobile scales, table scales, platform scales and crane scales. There is also a range of batch weights for bulk products.

Separately it is possible to allocate dynamic scales for transport, for cars, conveyor scales, scales for hydraulic loaders and other variants.

Using different types of load cells, AGRO PROFF, can build a scale for a bunker or a container, make a dosing system and much more.

Railway scales are intended for weighing of goods that are in the train or for determining the mass of empty wagons. The purpose of the car scales is to determine the weight of the goods immersed in a car or trailer. Desktop scales are convenient when working with lightweight materials. Thanks to platform scales, it is possible to weigh goods of different shapes, weights and configurations.

Crane scales are most often used by enterprises of the steel, chemical and processing industries. The use of this type of scales allows weighing and the loading or unloading process at the same time. The crane scales are placed as a lifting mechanism with an integrated electronic system. In the market of weighing equipment there is a crane scale, the electronics of which can work even at very low temperatures.

The scales are divided into classes of accuracy, degree of protection and the possibility of commercial OIML certification.