AGRO PROFF offers and installs railway carriange scales of various modifications and sizes. Railway scales come with a maximum weight of up to 200 tons in increments of 50 kilograms.

We offer platform scales, built-in rail scales, sub-rail sensors, platformless scales for weighing, dynamic rail scales. There is a option of combined car-wagon scales with a solid platform.

We perform metrological verification of scales, calibration, European verification.

The scales platform is built into the railway track and is a modular construction. Depending on the types of wagons to be weighed, the weighing platform consists of one or more load cells.

Platform wagon scales with a full platform length of 14-15 meters for the entire fleet of wagons. The platform is made of metal in the factory and installed in a concrete pit under the rails.

Platform wagon scales with two platforms for wheel pairs. Reliable and economical version of the scales. There is no need to make a big foundation. Customers often choose this option.