Vehicle scales

AGRO PROFF offers and installs automobile scales of various configurations and sizes. We perform metrological verification of scales, calibration, European verification. Verification is necessary in case of commercial use of the scales.
The basis of all models is a weighing platform with a width of usually 3 meters and a length of 6 to 24 meters. Of course, there are non-standard sizes at the request of the client, which we can also manufacture and install. The main difference between the models in the installation methods and vehicle arrival options on the platform.

The following types of truck scales are available: car scales with metal ramps, truck scales with concrete ramps, auto-scales to the ground, axle scales, axle mobile scales, dynamic scales.

We modernize the mechanical scales with the replacement of the platform and sensors.

Car scales with metal ramps, above-ground. Very convenient solution in terms of quick and easy installation and transfer of the scales to another location if necessary. There is no need for serious construction work. Can be installed on the flat ground.

Trucks scales with concrete ramps, above-ground. If the place for the scales is not prepared and the scales do not require, with time, reassembly to another place, then scales with concrete ramps will be the most economically reasonable option for the vehicles.

Ground level Car scales. The most convenient scales, which require less space to enter the platform. Ground level scales are usually installed on an asphalt or concrete surface for a large flow of cars. Preliminary construction works and good drainage are necessary.