The preparation of seed is an important element in the technology of growing crops, because cleaning from weeds, calibration, selection of only healthy seeds with a high yield potential and the quality of application of treatment products have a huge impact on the future crop.

The mobile complexes for Dorez seed preparation consist of two modules: for cleaning, calibration and etching. The first consists of a powerful aspiration unit that allows the dust to be separated by a stream of air, a weedy admixture and light ragged seeds, and a MAROT drum type grating block comprising two to five sieves. Having adjusted the necessary force of the air flow, having picked up the complex of sieves and adjusted the supply of seed material, farmers can obtain in one pass, without any preliminary cleaning, high quality seeds that meet any level of requirements.

AGRO PROFF offers the construction of seed plants on a turn-key basis.

Seed factories include a set of machines in which takes place the process of grain fine cleaning, calibration by length, thickness, by volume weight. At the end of the line, a photo separator is placed to discard by color.

The result of this process is  a qualitative seed material, which can be certified in Latvia and the European Union.