The control of grain temperature is extremely important for better conservation of the crop. During the storing grain in silos, there can occur such negative processes as decay, insect infestation, self-warming and others. All these processes cause an increase in the grain temperature. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly measure the grain temperature in different zones of the entire volume, with a step of about 6 meters.

Data visualization is carried out on the computer in the form of a report: suspension number, sensor position and temperature. The program warns of a temperature rise in any of the zones in red or a signal.

Modernization can be carried out consecutively without removing the existing system from service and gradually reworking and reconnecting new thermo-suspensions (this is very important for upgrading in a functioning elevator). Simplicity of installation and connection is such that the electrician of the customer can handle it. The system is electrically and explosion-proof.

AGRO PROFF modernizes existing temperature control systems or installs a completely new thermal control system.