Building and installation works

Our company offers the construction of foundations as a standard way of pouring concrete, and on piles. Each method has its own advantages.
The standard method of a monolithic foundation requires digging of the excavation, reinforcement, installation of formwork, concreting and long hardening.

We offer foundation filling for our projects in the standard way throughout Latvia and the Baltic states.

We manufacture and install complex metal structures.

If the method is chosen on wedge shaped piles, all concrete structures (wedge piles, tunnel blocks and silo walls, ventilation ducts) are produced in a concrete plant and brought to the facility sequentially. Each pile clogs in just 4-6 minutes and is ready to carry a load of up to 50 tons depending on the soil. The entire foundation is collected for several weeks, without requiring the digging of large foundation pits. The frequency of pile driving, their size and depth of piling are calculated in accordance with the standards and European standards. There is the possibility of building over underground communications (cables, pipes, tunnels …), if they can not be circumvented.